The ICARUS CHARITY was formed by two veteran therapists in 2017, in response to the increased number of veteran suicides and the number of veterans unable to access the vital help and support they needed from the conventional services.

ICARUS has now become one of the leading specialists in PTSD and complex trauma. It has developed a flexible and sympathetic treatment model which recognises the unique nature of military service and the military mindset and explored and adopted new concepts and treatment protocols, working on the basis that no 'one size fits all'. Effective treatment has to be tailored to the individual and their personal circumstances. Reintegration back into civilian life often causes additional complications along with employment issues and drug and alcohol abuse. Even managing practical matters can impact on a veteran's mental health. We try to offer veterans as much support and time as they require, to enable them to lead normal, well-adjusted lives.

The majority of our team at ICARUS are connected to the armed forces - veterans themselves, married to veterans or closely associated with serving personnel. This veteran-to-veteran approach has been absolutely integral to the success of the charity, allowing an immediate understanding of the problems being faced, providing reassurance and support. Shared personal experience is a critical factor in dealing with the major crises that affect many of our veterans.

From April-March 2021, we dealt with over 1000 cases. This places ICARUS, at least numerically, as one of the leading veterans mental health charities in the UK. We survive on donations, grants and the tremendous generosity of private donors as well as corporates and foundations.

ICARUS is a Scottish-registered charity, SCO49263, with its registered office in Edinburgh. However we have a strong national presence and treat veterans from all over the UK and overseas.

ICARUS in discussion with Jonathan Beale, the BBC Military correspondent concerning the exponential rise in veterans' suicides in the UK. BBC Breakfast TV. January 2020

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